Vote for John Lamie for Virginia Senate

In the Mountain Empire we have had two long-serving champions, Congressman Rick Boucher and Senator William Wampler. Boucher served as a Democrat, and Wampler as a Republican. In the crunch it did not matter which party either of them belonged to, because both worked across party lines, were superior negotiators, and served with loyalty and regard for their constituents.

As voters we are now in hard times. We lost both of our champions, and we are living in a changing world. Energy production and delivery are changing, technology has presented challenges – pitfalls and opportunities – for schools, colleges, libraries, communities, and families. Our legislators face situations that demand intelligence, flexibility, determination, and a deep understanding of our region.

Our vote is more important now than ever before. We have to find and elect leaders who have the ability to be champions for us in jobs, education, energy, and technology. That is why I am happy to see John Lamie step into Virginia’s 40th District Senate race.

John Lamie is a successful attorney and businessman with offices in Abingdon, Wytheville, Lebanon, and Grundy. He understands us – our workers, employers, homeowners, families, students, and seniors. John is a worker and a negotiator. He is resourceful, reasonable, and honest. He listens when you talk, and he has true passion for southwest Virginia. In all of these ways, he reminds me of both Senator Wampler and Congressman Boucher.

John Lamie has the qualities we need in a Senator, and he will work every day to bring good jobs to southwest Virginia and to make life better for us here in the Mountain Empire. Please get to know him, support him in the campaign, and above all, vote for him.

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